Who is EMC SolomonSim Howsian ?

  • Started off as a bilingual  emcee in 2010 and has been actively partaking in hosting various  commercial and private occasions. Besides being an  event host, I also venture in other  industries such as event planning,  conducting leadership training  courses, simultaneous and  consecutive interpretation and  voice-over. My belief as an event host is to reach out the  audience and immerse them in  celebrating the happiness of the event.

  • Name: Solomon Sim Howsian

  • Specialty: Hosting

  • Multilingual: Chinese, English, Malay

  • Academic Backgroud: Bachelor Degree of English Language Teaching

  • Honor and Achievement: A

Provided Service

  • Hosting

  • Wedding Event

  • Consecutive Interpretation


Commercial Event

  • 1 Minute of Fame KSL MALL (2010) 

  • BMS Mall Year End Sale (2013)

  • 24 Festive Drums National Competition (2014) 

  • Jump Party Southern University College (2015) 

  • Amazing Race Lost in JB (2016)

  • Pet Expo Danga City Mall (2017& 2018)

  • Mooncake Festival Roadshow Paradigm Mall (2018)

  • Malaysia 10th Cube Open Citta Mall (2019)