Who is EMC Sem Wong ?

  • A person who started his enthusiasm in hosting  since year 2010. Years of stage experience, hosted  over bunches of events which include Seminar,  Opening, Roadshows, Dinners, Beauty pageant,  Countdown party, Outdoor run, Camp fire and  marketing event.

  • A multiple talent in hosting, speaking, acting,  singing and organising games.

  • Humour, fun, and energetic yet friendly Emcee that  could bring your event even more remarkable.

  • Name: 黄瑞森 Wong Jung Sem

  • Birthday: 31st August 1992

  • Height: 175cm

  • Specialty: Hosting, Acting, Singing

  • Multilingual: Chinese, English, Malay

Provided Service

  • Wedding Host

  • Expo Broadcast

  • Outdoor Event

  • Beauty Pageant

  • Corporate Event

  • Marketing Event

  • Camp Hosting

  • Seminar Host


Property event

  • Tropicana Danga Cove Christmas Event

  • Tropicana Danga Cove Property launching

  • Tropicana Danga Cove Mid-Autumn Event

  • Tropicana Danga Cove Hari Raya Celebration

  • Country garden Wasabi music festival

  • Sovereign Bay Property Forum


  • Wetex Parade “GILA BOLA” Fifa 2018

  • YOLO DAYS – Health Campaign

  • Sony Year End Promotion Roadshow 2019

Cultural Event

  • 傳承| 第三届击鼓体验营

  • 东禅新春文化表演

  • 祥和夜卫塞节文化表演

  • 敦焱•午 慈善文娱晚会

  • 马六甲人间音缘佛教青年音乐会

Cultural Event

  • 傳承| 第三届击鼓体验营

  • 东禅新春文化表演

  • 祥和夜卫塞节文化表演

  • 敦焱•午 慈善文娱晚会

  • 马六甲人间音缘佛教青年音乐会


  • Wedding Dinner

  • Kee Song Group Annual Dinner

  • 鸿威龙狮体育会十周年晚宴

  • JBEEA 41st Anniversary Annual Dinner

Outdoor Event

  • Johor Off-road Charity Run

  • 地球是我家义走

  • R&F Music Color Run